The Initiator: Oliver Beck

The Initiator

The Initiator: Oliver Beck

With each year, the event “Strong for Life” has grown, and with it the donation pot, which went equally to the Hospiz Stendal and the Saxony-Anhalt Cancer Society. This success is due not only to the numerous participants and supporters, but also to the immense commitment of Oliver Beck.

For the last two years he has organized the benefit program in bank press around the open Saxony-Anhalt championships. The choice of taking a competition as a basis is no coincidence: as a longtime, internationally successful strength athlete, Oliver Beck has often held competitions.

The support of the hospice and the cancer society is related to Oliver Beck’s life story, because his mother died of cancer several years ago.

But the strength with which his mother fought against the cancer, Oliver Beck wanted to pick up and use for a good cause. “Accompanying you during your illness in the hospital and hospice made me very thoughtful and thoughtful,” explains the athlete. “I would like to give back the support I received from the people in the Protestant Hospice in Stendal, where my mother was cared for, and through the Saxony-Anhalt Cancer Society.”

In addition to the event “Strong for Life”, Oliver Beck is responsible for numerous other events, such as the Herzkissen – and the Sunpass project of the Saxony-Anhalt Cancer Society. He is also actively involved in the ark and shelter . For his commitment, Oliver Beck was named Honorary Ambassador by the Verbundnetz der Wärme and SAKG’s Herzkissen ambassador.

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